November 30, 2010

Some ideas dont come out so good.
The painting will be in a garbage truck by dawn. 
The t-shirt will be here by midnight.


From Tom Fugle

A load arrived just now.
I take this load to Gak tonight.
Thank you Tom Fugle!!!


49% son of a bitch
51% mother fucker
from TOKYO

1938 Grim Reaper

from Hawgholic

Catalina Gran Prix 2010

Catalina GP
This weekend!

Catalina Islander:
Throughout the 1950s, the Catalina Grand Prix was one of the premier motorcycle races in the United States. Every year, boats loaded with motorcycles crossed the channel from the mainland. The races usually consisted of more than 206 bikers competing in a mad scramble over a 10-mile course that ran through city streets and up into the hills above Avalon, through the golf course and then back into the city streets.
"This is going to be a family orientated event," he said. "There will be plenty of spectator access to races... we are bringing back a piece of Catalina's history and the nostalgia of the Island.”
However, Mayor Kennedy said the event could have a short shelf life on Catalina. "This is a one time permit," he said. "The success or failure of this event is going to dictate whether anything like this happens again on Catalina."

One of my best of friends and Catalina homeboy Dustin Hiniker will be racing the event.

Gasoline and Snow

Its starting to snow.
Time to gas up the toys.

Send us some 'playin in the snow pics'
church of choppers at mac dot com

Paulie's FXR

Brooklyn Gang

Photography by Bruce Davidson

One of my alltime favourite photographers
One of my alltime favourite stories

November 28, 2010

a few years ago..


Bill Jackson shares this photo.
Kyle sends this image to us...Cheers K!
Renshaw staying out of the rain...Ca to Fl.

Kill a deer, Save a biker

John Rinaldi's giving this one a ride.


Studio 666 that we called home for a few months down 
here in the sunshine state...too many crack a diles runnin 
around this place geekin out all day and night..
Bike in room, gun under pillow every nite...Good fuckin times!
A 47 Knuckle and a GPZ staying warm.
Thanks Speedin' D!


Hey CoC, here's a photo from Atlanta 2009. I don't have the photos of the bikes actually in the room, but here's a photo while we were pushing them in. We stayed in the sketchiest motel in downtown Atlanta. There were critters all over the place smoking crack and shitting behind shit. The walls inside the room were made out of cinder blocks and they were all tagged up. It ruled.


Mathew and Telester Smiley
Thanks MJ!


Make sure to mark your calenders.
Here are some photos from the last couple of years


Kari sends these Iphotos in Classic Road Show.