September 30, 2010

Llantas por vida


Cool Mag from AUS

FUEL put out a new issue, great photos and and art from down und'a


In the group ranch hand photo, my dad is second from left and one of him on his horse also.

On my way back from Sturgis a couple of years ago (See attached pics. ) I took a little side trip into the wilds of Wyoming, west of Kaycee.  My dad was a real cowboy on a ranch out near the Hole in the Wall during the late 1920's and early 30's.  You'll remember that the Hole in the Wall  was an outlaw hideout for the likes of Jesse James, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid et al.  The end of the outlaw era was around 1910 but I remember stories my dad told about seedy characters still being around in the 20's; about finding a decomposing saddle and saddle bags, an old rusted Winchester and a fist full of silver dollars in the remote terrain out near the Hole. 
 I rode about 80 miles of dirt road and found the old "Jones Ranch", guided by information gleaned from a map I saw of the old ranches in the area,  that was displayed at the little museum in Kaycee and by my memories of old photos of the area left me by my dad.  Once you leave the freeway between Buffalo and Casper and head west, you feel like you've entered a time warp.  I'm sure things haven't changed much in this neck of the woods from the wild west days out there.  Definetly worth the ride into history if you don't mind dusty red dirt and rock chips on your Harley!  I'd like to return one day, with more time to spend, on a dirt bike that's more conducive to the road conditions.
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Falcon Motorcycles and The Thief Paul Teutul jr

So check it out.

Falcon Motorcycles builds a one-off custom motorcycle.
High res photo of it you can check out on their gallery.

Then the image gets ripped off and ends up on this guy's shirt:

Oh, you can get it in girl sizes too.

So bogus.

I'm not a hater and usually try not to point out what sucks in the world, but please repost this and help get the word out to help Falcon Motorcycles.


As of noon CA time, the above t-shirts have been removed from their site thanks to many out there, especially some of you COC readers that helped inquire about this. Thanks for helping out and sticking up for the little guys!

I have to add this though: what would make someone, who has a customer motorcycle design company, wear and pose for a photo with a custom motorcycle on it that was never created by them in the first place?

****another update****

Just got word that Paul Jr. was seen wearing that shirt on a recent episode viewed by MILLIONS. so lame.


Micke Edlund , making the best frames in the industy for more than twenty years !
Here working on a Bentleg .