August 29, 2016


The BMW will be racing at Glemseck 101 this week end.
More here.

August 25, 2016

Adam Bauer / FTWCO Racing

 Heading out for qualifying on the Paul Black Racing CBR600RR this afternoon was a blast! Hoping some good shots were taken today as there were cameras everywhere around the course. 

 That moment when you realize Michael Dunlop just went by you, 
time to hitch a ride and follow some lines!
 Well the Supersport races didn't go to plan... Bumped the back tire of another bike and crossed me up and ended up high siding myself to the moon. I did luckily walk away and had the bike ready for the second Supersport race but the tip over sensor said no and we couldn't get the bike started after getting it back through scrutineering. BIG THANKS to everyone who has helped with this adventure, I was comfortable in the over 111mph avg and broke the 4 minute barrier today along with posting over 157mph on the flying kilo on the stock 600rr. Happy with that, bummed about the crash but it's part of it. Take what I've learned away from it to the next event.

 6th gear flat out stretching throttle cables exiting Loughers at the Ulster GP... Nothing like it, absolutely nothing can describe it, get over and see it for yourself!

That time you get yelled at to grab a beer and hang out with John McGuinness,
his bonfire was next to his RV in the paddock.

Follow the racing at FTWCO Racing

August 12, 2016

Church of Choppers

 I wear a lot of hats, and you might have noticed I have been taking a break from building bikes.
2016 is about being a dad. 
Once the new shop is done...Ill be back full time.
Someday I'll post the emails from a dude in Europe that insisted 
I give up the name Church of Choppers.

Under Nigel Weston's jacket is a FTWCO shirt, and maybe Ozzy Madey's also.
One of my favorites is the British Super Bike Racing....Hungry racers equal good racing.

First or second kick everytime. Thanks Noot!

The new shop is coming along.
Dreams are expensive.

Nigal marshaling at the Isle of Mann TT