January 31, 2009



Submitted by Steve Skorupa

My brother Nol is building a sidecarracer. Fabwork is done, paint is done, time to finish. Fuckin' rad.

cool bike from a 1979 Easyriders magazine


Sportsterproject I am workin' on. Building bikes is what I do and what I love.
New Years Eve '09

Sorry Heather, this picture is just to good not to post!

Here's another set from Nicke Svensson in Stockholm, Sweden:

January 30, 2009

Had To Post This One After That One

choppers & patchholders: Yours truly from Rogues, Holland

choppers & patchholders: Slide from Hells Angels, Belgium

choppers & patchholders: Makke from Vagabonds, Belgium

choppers & patchholders: Ikki from Black Sheep, Holland

choppers & patchholders: Piet from Compagneros Holland

Submitted by Denver Dan:
Submitted by Steve Skorupa


Mooneyes 07'. The parking lots were the best.


Andy's dads card