November 30, 2011

This weekend


Double High Five

Thank you Mr. Tom Fugle for sharing these photos with us.
Much respect!


Yet another argument for the contention that we’re living in a golden era for American muscle cars arrives with the 2013 Ford Mustang, which will sport a brace of tech and styling updates across its line — including the most powerful V8 engine sold by any automaker in the world. How much trouble could you get in with a 200-mph ‘Stang?

The biggest change comes at the top, where the Ford Shelby GT500 gets 100 extra ponies under the hood, giving the supercharged 5.8-liter V8 650 hp and 600 lb.-ft of torque — more than any Camaro, Corvette or even the Ferrari 458 Italia. Every part of the Shelby was tweaked in some fashion to handle the power riot, along with a launch control system for better controlled top-speed starts.

Holy shit.

November 29, 2011


Career Mobsters from Sydney, Oz in the late 20's and early 30's

Hey man,
I've followed your blog for awhile now and we actually met quite a few years back at a swap meet at the fairgrounds in Des Moines. Anyways, I'm getting out of the Air Force and transferring to the Des Moines Air National Guard and decided I was going to ride one of my bikes from Tucson to my dad's place in Griswold, IA. I told one of my oldest friends about the plan and he wanted in on the ride so he flew in and rode my Dyna with me. We planned our 1700 mile route, checked the weather, and took off. We were going across NM, TX, OK, into AR to ride pig trail road (hwy 23) and up through MO and into IA. The weather showed no rain and most of that area was in a drought so we packed very little in rain gear. Our first day was great but the next three were in rain and contained a number of mechanical issues with my chopper. We were able to work through all of our issues and endure the rain and make it to Griswold. The trip was pretty miserable at the time but we knew it was definitely memorable and we had some great times and partied our asses off. I attached a few pics of the trip. Later, Brad H.
Mel and Stevie charging the batteries.


Our friend Rouser's sis Krystal with a Red Fish she hooked at Port A.
Nice, and thanks!

Tom Edison sent these over with no info, so I assume thay are some top secret spy photos.

Winter is just around the corner. Are your pipes safe?