May 30, 2014

May 27, 2014


I'm working on a new thing called 'Saint' - Motorcycle protective clothing.

It has been said the world does not need more clothing brands; it needs less. So, as a designer my challenge - everyday - is to create objects worth creating. Saint is about designing motorcycle apparel that is always about protection... that lasts, that moves. We are developing new ways to construct, new ways to protect. Working with fabrics and construction techniques that innovate on a bedrock of what has gone before (for we all have a heritage) and utilizing military, ballistic and industrial technology's.

As part of this journey we have become experts on what happens when things go random. First hand, scientifically and ...yer... a bit of youtube... - Came across R Nickey Mouse's Channel a while ago and I can't stop watching everything that goes wrong on ONE corner on Mulholland Drive.

"Mild to wild".Affe Sweden.