April 30, 2010

Yoshimura Racing Engine anyone?
From Bosse Jensen.

So fucking neat!

April 29, 2010

The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

japanese translation......soon......!?!?!?!?!?


check it out

always thank you so much Takizawa-san


check it out!!!!!!!!

mid night run in tokyo

Okun and I went to Magical Design office.
always thank you so much Uchiyama-san!!

We went to meet TKC afterwards.

Hey ho lets go!!

Tokyo tower

TKC said.
This temple was used for Bruce Lee's movie

"Tower of Death".

coffee time
thank you TKC!!
fun night!


Nao's sick bike. One of my daily visits here.
Thanks Nao!

Brew Dude

Sends us a picture of this bike he built...Thanks!

April 28, 2010


George's Ride

James “the Rocket” Rispoli

This weekend

Get lost


Thank all of you who contribute!

Almost done

I should be done with this in a couple of weeks.
I am going to do a 4000 mile ride in 5 days on it.
I promise to take pictures and get in trouble.
Its a brand new ZX10R, sub 400lbs, around 170-180 horsepower.

Oh yeah, we are still posting a Motorcycle Video of the Day, and todays has some nice footage from the 70s.

1940s Spencer Iowa

Here are some pictures of Ernie Singelstad's bike and the hill climb southeast of Sioux Rapids. He was the dealer in Spencer.
Take Care, Stik
Thanks Kevin!

April 27, 2010


Mid-summer in Kungsör...Thanks Bosse Jensen!


I'd like to say that CoC has a great following of artist, riders, providers, and contributers... Therefore I trust Jeff's judgement and  I'm stoked to be here and putting in my two cents. As we love looking at cool shit and reading stories, its another level when your providing it. With that said,  I'm here to contribute and share some of my frequent dealings. I cant make any predictions, but i can tell you I will save the juicy stuff for the CoC. The pinstriping has always been my main jive, but like most artist I have more fun exploring other mediums. But I'm always down to fuckin pinstripe anything... freehand, drunk, whatever...
well I hate to keep rambling,  Cheers to Jeff and all the homies who make this roll everyday, your the Shit!

Afterall, half the shit you know is because of blogs!


Twin Cities Love

My buddies in Dumpster Juice can not make the show, so Zac over at Heavy hooked us up with Red Desert from Minneapolis. Remember kids, warm that liver up the Hamms is waiting.
Dice/Kung Fu Party, Saturday May 15. Bring a bag, camping is 20 feet from the bar.

Galleri Blotsvens & Strängnäs Hojmarknad

Submitted by Janne Lindström of Blotsvens MC in Strängnäs, Sweden:

Hey, we had our motorcycle art gallery, "Galleri Blotsvens", at the clubhouse yesterday. At the same time it was "Strängnäs Hojmarknad", one of Sweden´s best and biggest motorcycle swap meets just 5 km/3miles from us.

I think it´s a DKW twin piston con-rod...
Norton ES2
Husqarna 420 AE-tank
Sinners-Mats, with the hat and to finns

Skitkul, och det tar inte så mycket tid o plats ....

Pernilla Nyman painted live, Båt-Johans, Blotsvens Mc, Honda 750-chopper.
http://pn79.se/Oil Swamp MC and Yrsel MC watching..
Next year we´ll have models, or not....
I made some collages and a slide show on the computer with 555 pictures
And I had made a new chopper-t-shirt, a REAL Swedish chopper t-shirt, from one of my pictures.
Sold them all, don´t know if I will make more or keep them exclusive....

See you on the road!