April 27, 2010

Galleri Blotsvens & Strängnäs Hojmarknad

Submitted by Janne Lindström of Blotsvens MC in Strängnäs, Sweden:

Hey, we had our motorcycle art gallery, "Galleri Blotsvens", at the clubhouse yesterday. At the same time it was "Strängnäs Hojmarknad", one of Sweden´s best and biggest motorcycle swap meets just 5 km/3miles from us.

I think it´s a DKW twin piston con-rod...
Norton ES2
Husqarna 420 AE-tank
Sinners-Mats, with the hat and to finns

Skitkul, och det tar inte så mycket tid o plats ....

Pernilla Nyman painted live, Båt-Johans, Blotsvens Mc, Honda 750-chopper.
http://pn79.se/Oil Swamp MC and Yrsel MC watching..
Next year we´ll have models, or not....
I made some collages and a slide show on the computer with 555 pictures
And I had made a new chopper-t-shirt, a REAL Swedish chopper t-shirt, from one of my pictures.
Sold them all, don´t know if I will make more or keep them exclusive....

See you on the road!

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mykill said...

"I think it´s a DKW twin piston con-rod..."
Probably a Puch "Twingle" A very wacky bit of engineering.