March 31, 2009


Danver Dan asked to have this picture posted!
Submitted by Brawny Built

Miles of Nevada

This was my first complete bike build, and the first time riding in the desert.
On the way back home from a local race I spied in the back of Cycle News an ad for the first 'Vegas to Reno' race. They claimed it to be 'The longest off-road race in the United States', 500 miles, and I wanted to do it solo.
I took a 84 XR500 and applied YZ 250 forks, motor rebuild (major), electrics (for the million trillion candle watt Baja headlight), custom made Ohlins (for the mono swing arm), wheel lacing,
nickle plated frame, custom seat, Titanium bars, triple clamps, and many many other do was also street legal..

Around this time I was driving Chad Pedersons box van around the east coast for the Arena Cross Series..So when it came time for the race he let me use his rig.
It was crazy not knowing what the fuck I was doing, but having a factory painted Honda Race Truck racing me from gas stop to gas stop was ace...Well, it was fun until around the halfway point..At about 275 miles the alternator went out of the box van, and they were not at the check point with gas...

While I was waiting and wondering where they were, I could hear people in the pits talking about how the Rails and Trucks were getting close...
About the same time the van got there, a race truck went by doing a 100mph or so..
After watching that truck go by...I was done...There was no fucking way I wanted to be in front of those things..

That March was dusty, I wrecked several times, chipped a tooth, went to jail, spent insane amounts of money, DNF'ed (your never supposed to DNF), and many other mini storys...but, it was a weekend I will never forget and never do again....Well, I would like to do the Baja 1000 someday.
Submitted by Denver Dan:
I got a whole series of old shots of desert fun from our man at the hospital in Ventura. The first time I seen that dune buggy, Fu Manchu's "Ojo Rojo" went through my head.

She wanted nothin'! And I delivered!
Man of leisure! Around Town!
Submitted by Denver Dan:

Fuckcup: What to do with a boring old Softail? This is how I bought it before I started stripping and choppin.

Fuckcup: This is how I rebuilt it for the first time. Cheap and simple!

Fuckcup: This is how it looks now. I finished the project today!

Okay Jeff, here you go! More pics of Nol's DTC sidecarracer

Tracks Part 1

Some old, some new.

Argentina - Buenos Aires

Austria - Salzburgring

Belgium - Spa Francorchamps

Czechoslovakia - Brno

Finland - Imatra

France - Paul Ricard

France - Le Mans - Bugatti

Germany - Hockenheim

Germany - Nurburgring

Great Britain - Donington Park

Great Britain - Brands Hatch

Great Britain - Silverstone

Holland - Circuit van Drenthe

Italy - Misano (Santa Monica)

Italy - Imola

Italy - Monza

Italy - Mugello

South Africa - Kyalami

Spain - Jarama

Sweden - Anderstorp

Yugoslavia - Rijeka

March 30, 2009

Denver Dan

Saturday a few of us (including Denver Dan) headed out to San Luis Obispo for lunch.

About 35 miles north of Ojai on HWY 150 Dan went into a tankslapper and highsided. He slid over 200 ft.

He broke his elbow, collar bone, ankle and thumb. He's going to be laid up for awhile but, thankfully no injuries to his head or spine! Dan will ride again!

Everyone at COC wishes him a speedy recovery!
Dan's bitchin' ride to the hospital in Ventura!
Dan's full face helmet and heavy leather jacket played a huge roll in protecting him from more serious injuries. PLEASE WEAR GOOD RIDING EQUIPMENT!

I scored this from a pile of old photos Dustin had.

This is where Dustin gets his stud gene from. His dad, Mitch Hiniker.

Mainz, Germany

Mainz, cool bike built by someone from the Tjech republic!

Mainz. I always go to show looking for new ideas. This here is a great way of painting rims...

This is the type of choppers I like most myself. In my opinion are those style of choppers the true modern day descendents of the Frisco chops!

Mainz; Lots of bikes built around CFL frames. I like 'm!

Mainz bikeshow, last weekend

Been to one of the biggest bikeshows in Europe in Mainz Germany this weekend. Saw a super cool Flattie