November 30, 2007

You probably heard by now that Evel Knievel died. He was 69.
YES - something is wrong with right now. For some reason, clicking on the picture prompts you to download it instead of seeing it in a new window/tab. All we can do is sit tight until those blogger people can figure the shit out. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy this photo that was in the freezer at Rico's shop. That's Dan and Rico showing off.

November 29, 2007

Have a good day!

Some time ago Denver Dan got hit by some hippies in San Luis Obispo while riding the Chainsaw. He had it rebuilt - Brawny Built actually. Brawny had it all finished up and snuck it over to my place cause he knew Denver Dan was showing up for a BBQ. Mr. Dan got a nice surprise that day, check him out all happy. The oil tank "caps" was cast by Dave and Brawny welded it up and made him an oil tank, which I think is fucking choice looking.
The Hater in action! One time I had to go spot him and carry it off his back. He should leave this type of heavy lifting up to me, shouldn't he?
This was the time The Hater got t-boned by a flying blue BSA and then got run over by ChopperDave and his panhead (before its Super Freak incarnation). Hater's arm was nothing compared to the pus he was sucking out of his fucking leg with a syringe... among other things.
Since we're already talking about Jose (below), here's a shot I think Motoyan took a couple of years back.
Yeah how's this one, huh? Jose (cantstay) was helping me break up some concrete in my backyard a few months ago. Sasha's mom was in town visiting us at the time. She took a casual pic of our favorite hammer swinging amigo and felt inspired enough to do a "slice of life" painting. Brenda Phillips is a well known painter around their hometown of St.Augustine, FL. She usually does "scenes" and landscapes so this one came as a surprise to us.

November 28, 2007

Submitted by Grant Fukuda: Hitting the shelves today. R.H.P.S. - "Pool Collage" deck. A collection of some of Hawaii's great pools over the last 30 years designed into a collage by Gary O. From the Legendary Pearl City Pool, Boomerang, the Dot, Jungle Bowl, the Green Egg. Too many to name. Printed on our classic 9" pool shape, tried and true. Cheers - go find your own. -G&G

Good times over at Maynard's.

November 27, 2007

A little while back Dustin and I organized a small bike show - Glory of Garage Built Bikes. We had the show over at Riley's on Anaheim St. in Long Beach. The turn out was excellent, which was surprising since it was all word of mouth. We invited a few cars too. This one was driven in by "Asshole Jim" Shine.

November 26, 2007

Went to Portland, OR. I got to check out a few things. Went to this bar called Kelly's Olympian that Jeff had gone to a few years earlier. They had re-done the place and now it kinda has a theme bar feel to it. Either way, it was cool enough to get a drink. They definitely had a few neat things to see. Also went to Langlitz.

We ate soup curry.

November 24, 2007

Bronson of Long Beach.
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When ever time allows me, I like to paint. This is one I'm working on.
Such a killer photo.
Mike a regular at the Kung Fu Tap & Taco sent these over..."Our dad built all 3 of the bikes. The old sporty drag bike was fast as hell and he broke several track records back then. Ron Dickie did some motor work and Branch done the head and carb work.
Always remember him firing the bike up and pissing off the neighbors. They always called the cops on him but he was a cop so his buddies would just come over in the squad car and watch him do burnouts in front of the peoples house, it was funny shit watching the look on their faces.".....Mike