March 30, 2015

Early Release Saint Knits



Saint New Tech Denims and Kevlars are dropping in May - Right now - some of our warm, tough Australian Merino knits are here...

Tough, wearable knits that make a difference are integral to the heritage and history of our hometown - Collingwood - in inner city Melbourne. Back in the 70's specialty knit shops in the area took local kids designs and milled out knits. These local kids known as Sharpies, or Sharps, moved as crews, were untouchable, partied at local town halls and early discos - stand up ready, they liked a good fight and walked to their own strict moral code. Importantly, they also had a reputation for looking good. Real good.

A great knit feels soft to the touch, dry or wet, is warm to wear, versatile tough, holds colour evenly, lasts and is washable. Settling on a fine spun Australian Merino, our knit basics look fine - on their own, under a cut or layered for warmth under your jacket. All day and all night wearable we up-styled the designs while listening to workinnights mix tapes - when we were done, we jumped on our choppers went out and smashed balls up and down some fairways. You should too.

7 designs - Super limited - check them @

scum work around here

From the Film Australia Collection. Made by Film Australia 1978. Directed by Susan Varga and Rod Freeman. Explores the attitudes to work of five boys in the Riverwood area of Sydney and their sense of place and community. This film was one of the first to be shot on videotape by Film Australia. A very early portable reel to reel style Sony videotape recorder was used and by contrast to existing film stocks or later formats of video or digital the results are of poor quality. It did usher in a new style of film making however with minimal crew and reduced production costs.