April 30, 2009

I love this girls work.
No Fairing

Submitted by Renshaw in London:

Couple of pictures of good weather in England for Church Of Choppers.

by 'g'

R. Smith

I lost the info for this pic...


April 29, 2009


the flathead back in the day

Saturday Morning

Elisabeth Street Melbourne in the late 70s

Queens Day!

The “queen’s day”, which has been celebrated since 1885 (at that time the queen was Wilhelmina, and the event took place on the 31st of August, her birthday), is become with the passing of time a good chance to revel, have fun and celebrate on the city’s street. In Amsterdam celebrations begins in the night of the 29th of April, when thousands of people go to the city’s pubs and discos and get ready for the following day. On the 30th of April people wear something orange (the colour of the royal family) and gather on the streets and canals of the city: every corner of Amsterdam is invaded by buskers and people who sing, play and have fun, while decorated boats full of music and people who celebrate parade on canals....Something like 700,000 people come into Amsterdam for this...I have been twice, absolutly fucking insane!. Walking around ankle deep in firecraker paper..



70's Shinjyuku Tokyo

Movie I want to see

Can anyone burn me a copy of this?

Lesterville Missouri