April 29, 2009

Movie I want to see

Can anyone burn me a copy of this?


Danny Blix said...

after some diggin i found it on veoh.com. here's the link:


its a great documentary. really interesting. i had some trouble trying to open it in safari but it worked fine in firefox. you gotta download the player which is a pain but it's worth it.

enjoy comrade.

Lumpy said...

holy fuck... i want it.

Motorcycho said...

I got a lousy copy.. but could try and burn it for yee!

Lumpy said...

hell yes.

respond to my email addy for costs and shipping.


Unknown said...

I've got a free copy I can burn you.
Steve Skorupa-Scott Parker's friend

CHVRCH said...


Niko said...

I have a copy of this movie if Jeff wants a copy (i'm in the uk tho') Just fell upon this really great blog. Let me know if you would still like it Jeff.