March 31, 2008

Monte "Montiac" Ditmer - Dallas, TX

This '32 3 window was built a few years back by my brother-in-law, Monte Ditmer.

999 At The Cuckoo's Nest

Submitted by T-Bone. "Lil'shop on the outer banks of North Carolina in a storage
building... and the old man is a hoard."

Yesterday.. SPICE RUN.
It is rainy every time....
check it out.

We boarded a ferry.


rain day...
however ,
happy day!!
All smile!!!


March 30, 2008

Submitted by Noot, Here's a shot of an ironhead Sportster cylinder head some guy snuck out of the factory in his tool box - raw casting
Its time for off topic Sunday again! This one submitted by Sasha:

A few weeks ago we were scouting a location for our "New York loft" in downtown LA. We found this killer space for our big set. When we arrived to do a final walkthrough there was a brand new, straight out of the package H-D Nightster sitting outside on the sidewalk. Our designer thought it would be the perfect "prop" for our big set. Turns out the guy lives in the building and has no problems with us using his bike.

The freight elevator was too small for the bike to fit with the front wheel on, so our guys took it off. Next, according to union rules, you cannot have anything combustible on set - ok, drain the gas. No problem. Oh, drain the brake lines? No problem. Disconnect the battery? Simple.

My crew can tear anything apart but good luck on trying to get them to put it back together! My first thought: the metro-sexual owner of the Nightster is never going to get his bike back together! I better not get a bill from LA Harley for a reassembly fee. We just kinda gave the bike back to him in pieces with a "check'ya later!"

Estrus Gearbox

March 29, 2008

Endless Summer - Williamsburg, NYC

The Endless Summer taco truck is parked at North 7th St & Bedford in Williamsburg.

$2.50 Tacos (beef, chicken, pork) $3.00 Tacos (vegetarian, fish)
$5.00 Burritos (beef, chicken, pork) $6.00 Burritos (vegetarian)
$2.50 Sides Mexican Corn - Beans and Rice
$3.00 Soup of the Day
$2.00 Horchata $1.50 Mexican Sodas
I haven't been to the Endless Summer taco truck. But, with a logo like that how could it be bad?! I have a roving reporter in NYC in the next couple weeks, who promises the details!
decided to take a trip up the coast on the shovel. it was a beautiful day and started off well enough. the riding position on the bike absolutely blows! felt like i was hanging from the monkey bars all day, exhausting to say the least. but i wanted to 'make it' so i forged ahead. second gas stop, things were comin loose you can only get them so tight with a leatherman tool.

although the ride was beautiful, i couldnt stop thinking about the other frame im working on and how the seat was gonna go in just the right spot on that one...

just startin to get into my grove for the last leg and RAAAAAAAA!!! threw my primary belt. next time ill bring a spare. the sky was unbelievable, and as im standing there gazing at the glory of Orion's Belt my phone rings, its jay "your frames done."

the end.
Submitted by Corner - "The Face of a Reliable Woman".

Do the safety dance.

March 28, 2008

Lucky's Trumpet

A few years ago a bunch of us rode up to the Ventura Vintage Flat Track Races to watch Chopper Dave tear it up. I was on my '05 XL1200R. Somewhere outside of Santa Paula we were cursing around 80-85 mph and I hear this horrible noise come up along side me. It's Noah beating the shit out of Lucky's poor little 500 cc Triumph! Above Lucky surveys the damage (note the missing head light). I'm pretty sure this was the same year Lucky had a bit too much to drink and lost control of his Butt Trumpet as well.

Dee Dee At The Cuckoo's Nest

I don't care what anyone says, this is the coolest Ramone!

I just want to congratulate Trevelen of Super Company Customs on his recent entry into the S&S 50TH Anniversary Build-Off. Any words, on this Trevelen? "Yes - make sure to recycle all your aluminum."

Photo by Estevan Oriol. Make sure you check out his site!