June 30, 2008

Submitted By Noot
S&S Cycle 50th!

Dustin & Fatty

Chopper Dave, Noot & Dustin

My helmet and Angus



ice mag and my helmet
Kobe Japan

June 29, 2008

I came to like Coffee-mate in California trip.
I run around looking for Coffee-mate!
In the neighborhood, it is sold nowhere.....

Hi Johnny!!

This just in... 1st place winners of the S&S 50th Anniversary Build Off Competition!

P-Series (Panhead) winner: Krugger Motorcycles, Belgium.

SH-Series (Shovelhead) winner: Cook Customs, USA.

SB-Series (Sportster) Winner: Odyssey Cycles, France.

V-Series (Evo) Winner: Nicholas Chauvain, France.

T-Series (Twin Cam) winner: Bennett's Performance! Long Beach, CA! Congrats to Bob and Eric Bennett!

X-Series (X-Wedge) winner: Fred Kodlin Murdercycles, Germany.

And the overall winner of the S&S Cycles 50th Anniversary Build Off Competition, Hot Dock Custom Cycles, Japan.

Here's Hot Dock's bike STG-Nautirus. Click to see more here.
You can see more of some of the builder's bikes here at the S&S Cycle's 50th Anniversary site.

Congratulations to all the winners and contestants who had worked hard and finished their works of art for the event! Thanks goes out to S&S Cycles for their hospitality and for having this event! We hope they have another great 50 years.
The Wakan - 1 Hundred

Keef & Shoes - '78

Photo by Bob Gruen

Submitted by Anthony Robinson: With all of its Norwegian heritage Seattle can be a culinary trip sometimes. A few blocks from our place there's a Norwegian bakery, Norwegian bar, and Norwegian fish monger. The bar has weird liquor called Aquavit that's made from seeds and will destroy you, the bakery has pastries with names I can't pronounce, and the fish shop always has disgusting looking stuff.

Regardless, sometimes you just have to say what the fuck and tear into that putrid fishy nonsense. These were smoked Copper River smelt. I guess you can eat the heads, but the texture didn't do much for me so I just ripped em' off and munched the rest. They look terrible, but are actually really good and freak old ladies out too.
Tokyo homey.
Katsu RULES!!!
Nagase's '42 is a new project of Gak!

June 27, 2008

More From The S&S Cycle 50th

Jesse Rooke was lucky enough to get a helping hand from Rob Schopf (black shirt) with his unfinished, unpainted 50th build off bike at S&S during the event.

Where's Jose?

Jeff, Nelson, Dustin, Annie, Mark & Choppers Dave at the S&S Cycle 50th VIP dinner.
Behind The Scenes At The S&S Cycle 50th!

Kevin Alsop (Big Bear Choppers) sending Cory Ness to get a #76 jet for Cory's Super E.

Submitted by Denver Dan:

Photo by Bob Gruen
Tasty Bit Of Crumpet!

I Love This Bike!

June 26, 2008

Church Of Rockers!
Originally the club was a youth club at the Eton Mission in Hackney Wick, London in 1959, led by the Reverend John Oaks. Father William Shergold, a rider himself, decided to hold a church service for fellow two wheelers in 1962
Father Shergold finally got up the courage to visit The Ace Cafe on the North Circular Road and hand out leaflets about the service. The response was immense. The church was full of Rockers! Even some of their bikes were brought into the church to be blessed.