August 31, 2009

1000 miles of fun

I was lucky enough to attend the Indy Mile & the Moto GP over the weekend with some of my bestest friends... The ride out was all rain, the ride back was perfect...Here's a couple snaps....Ill post more after a nap...Cheers!


the tank notching never ends...

Outsiders Portland Oregon

Outsiders Tacoma!

It's Getting Hot In Here!



One time we were riding 101. We stopped at a gasstation and I went lookin for the best (read cheapest) motel. I found one that actually said 'all rogues welcome'. No shit, (for you who dont know I am a member of the Rogues MC) I returned to the guys and said 'I found one, don't know how much but I am sure you gonna like it'. Haha. Seemed they had a party in town for the Rogue Ale Brewery guys.

Santa Fe Importers - Long Beach, CA

The last Saturday of the month means Santa Fe Importers for lunch.

Good times, good bikes, good people, good vibes, everyone is invited. No bad attitudes in these eyes:
Unfortunately Wil got road debris in his eyes:
Alonzo took a look at the menu and couldn't believe his eyes:
It was the Special and a bit of anti pasto again for me.
The place is air conditioned but it was still cool enough to eat outside in the shade:
Brawny showing off his roast pork sandwich:
Just thought I'd post a photo of the Brujeria shirt guy. What up, man:
Good times.
Just for an hour.
Maybe a little longer. Lots to talk about:
The ladies had a good time making fun of the guys:

Oh, time to bail. Gotta get some shit done this fine afternoon.
See you next month!