January 31, 2008

SPICE crew
Tokyo is cold every night....
This Saturday night!
This is me, December 25th 1988.
No lights, no problem.
Shorn of all unnecessary accoutrements and equipped with track-focused suspension, instruments and engine mapping, Honda is targeting club racers and track day fanatics with these new stripped-down CBRs. Both models feature variable rear ride height, slipper clutches, revised engine mapping, race exhausts and track instrumentation. But it’s what the CBR1000RR and CBR600RR come without that matters: no lights, no turn signals, no pillion pad and, of course, no license plate.
Hey Nelson...
Yukio made that chopper toy model.
I thought him to be a genius at time when I watched it.
left is Yukio.
middle is Sketch.
right is Gou.
I was getting Vibes magazine in Hawaii and I was stoked. I got this issue towards the end of 2000. Much earlier that year, Brawny and I went to Vegas to celebrate the millennium and get fucked up. Who knew? We thought it'd be a great place to be if the world blew up because of the Y2K bug.

Anyway... I always wanted to make a chopper toy model like these. Years later I still haven't gotten around to it but these still are pretty neat:

January 30, 2008

Jack Kuhns
Sullivan rides the Massachusett's ice.
Urban Moto

Submitted by Kung Fu Mike...

I think Dustin's mom took this killer photo. Dustin and his pop Mitch:

Submitted by Corner:

Submitted by Scott Parker:

January 29, 2008

This photo taken when Randy Smith was first putting the 45 Magnum together. I got hooked up with a bunch of these photos from about a year ago - thanks Tim! Check out the finned rocker covers in the background waiting to get drilled and polished. Photo courtesy of Tim Wallingford and the Randy Smith Collection:

Jasin on his Panhead in the new Hotbike Magazine. Such a rad photo!
From Kung Fu Mike's fathers stash of friends.

January 28, 2008

This one is from Dustin's dad Mitch Hiniker, the man who has mitts for hands. I'm sure there's a bunch of cool stories that can accompany these photos but we don't got time for that right now. What I can tell you is check out that photo on the right/center with the "start your engine" sign. See that little blond kid sitting on the bike? That's Dustin! hee hee. Mitch is holding up the sign.

Submitted by Mike Ledger and Nos:

Its been raining hard for Southern California's standards. The L.A River runs through Long Beach. I took this photo on Pacific Coast Highway and the 710 Freeway last night. The river is usually about 50 feet wide. People fall in and drown and shit all the time. Real smart to go in since there's raw sewage being dumped into it from dozens of other cities.

January 27, 2008

Saturday night was our last night in business at 12th and Grand. In very short time it will become a parking garage. The next eleven pics are from the last 24hrs.
Entry way
Skin of Earth blessed closing night with doom in the room.
Last call
Decades of drag races, fights, flashing, arrests, parades, demonstrations, and non-stop downtown traffic only three feet from these windows.
Partys over. 1950 to 2008
Submitted by Scott Parker:

And here's something unrelated but useful:

Gou's rickman

Gao's shovel

This is before 4 years my panhead..
I miss..