August 31, 2008

The Foo and the 105

Rode to Minneapolis and Milwaukee over the weekend to hang out with some fun mother fuckers.

55,000 thousand watching these guys.

Scott and Chris


Danny, Trevelen, and Richie.

Tsuyoshi's Ford


Otake's shovel
Nishi and Jun
five years ago...

Off Topic Sunday again. I went to Anaheim Street in Long Beach, just 3 blocks down from my pad. Long Beach claims to have the 2nd largest population of Cambodians outside of Southeast Asia. This also means that there's killer Vietnamese and Thai places lurking about too.

I like getting these French-Vietnamese sandwiches on baguettes over on Anaheim. I go crazy when I go to those places. I can never decide, so I always end up buying a variety. This time I tried "My Le - French Sandwiches."

French-Vietnamese, what? The French went and caused a ruckus over in Vietnam some time ago and the next thing you know, these killer sandwiches came about. This one is grilled pork. I got that crazy sausage this time which was described to me as "a deep fried meat loaf." It's kinda like Japanese fish cake, but, uh, meat. What kinda meat? Probably pork. Who knows, I'll try anything. Those fried noodles are killer too. They're definitely different and better than the generic Americanized chow mein a lotta places serve.

Several of my friends don't ever try to venture about Anaheim, I don't know why. Life's too short for just burgers and fries. I've noticed that many Long Beach residents don't even have a clue that the whole "asian area" of Anaheim are mostly Cambodians. Ah, fuck it. More baguette sandwiches for me.
Off Topic Sunday

Edward Clover is probably best known for defining an era with his photography

Blight At The End Of The Funnel
Jello Biafra
Circle Jerks
Nazi Kid
I recently discovered his artwork, which is pretty amazing as well.

To see more of Ed's photos & artwork visit

August 30, 2008

Submitted By Steve Skorupa

This is when we were at a jazz bar in Yokohama, Japan.

It was right outside of Chinatown, which is where I lived as a little kid for a couple of years.

so damn cool

August 29, 2008

Chris from OBEY and his fine automobile.

I took these photos maybe 2 or 3 years ago for Car Kulture Deluxe.

I believe he bought it as a roller from Bill Mize. Chris did a lots of work to it as well though, right in his garage. He's quite the handy guy and also really fucking cool. I mean he's really, really nice. Not many genuinely nice people these days. People way too busy acting tough. I'm looking forward to seeing his panhead.
Submitted By Steve Skorupa

T's from T-Bone!





Tell'em you seen it on COC!
Oh, I forgot to mention: Morrissey on KCRW today! In fact he comes on in about an hour. You better listen in (live!) at the KCRW website. If you're in the L.A area, it's 89.9FM. It's my favorite radio station. When I first heard it I wondered where it had been all my life.

Hey Nelson: Morrissey sucks! Well your bike sucks! I don't care. I like him and The Smiths. But back to KCRW, they have great music shows. They're usually in 3 hour blocks. Different shows have different music. It's all NPR (National Public Radio) for most of the day though. Music at night and in the morning. This guy Nic Harcourt, the DJ on right now, his show is killer.

You better go to their website now. Morrissey's comes on in an hour. And hey, it's ok. You can still be a Biker Bro and not listen to Steppenwolf and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I forgot my giant turkey leg and biker bandana at home.
Submitted by Renshaw:

Tosh's shop and current project.


August 28, 2008

Please run front brakes

"This is a journey into sound."

My iPod is crazy. Rigor Mortis will play right after Joy Division and a Peter Murphy song or two. And then to my surprise, Eric B and Rakim snuck in there. Sometime in high school, around '88, this kid from L.A moved to my little town in Hawaii and introduced me to some new hip hop I hadn't heard. Getting new music on that island was difficult, let me assure you, especially before the internet.

Paid In Full really stuck with me. It's one of those classic albums that I'll always dig. Oh, and that kid Brian that hooked me up with this album ended up doing something really bad so he moved out of the country and went into hiding. His parents would never tell us what he did or where he went. I heard he moved to the Philippines .
Submitted By Steve Skorupa

Submitted by Denver Dan:

Do you have HONDA?

Yuta is talking with Kyle on the cellphone.
so damn cool

cute girl's CB550

August 27, 2008

Matt Davidson is kind of like Animal Chin. People always ask:
Well, have you? Talk about running under the radar.
This guy really runs it wide open. Matt found this gas tank at American Rider in Huntington Beach. It was old, crusty & cracked but the original paint job was still there. Please report any and all recent sightings of the man.
Submitted By Steve Skorupa