September 30, 2008


Jun was early Spice crew with our best friend.
We ran through Tokyo on choppers every night....
Quad Cam Bastards

Outlaw Races - Ventura, CA

Alexey Titarenko Photography


Mooneyes Sweden Swap

Here's more from Janne Lindström - "Here´s some pictures from Mooneyes Sweden swap in Kyrkby, 2 hours north of Stockholm. The swap was held in a barn. Nice back roads out in countryside in Dalarna, 'The most swedish part of Sweden' as Corner says. It´s true but it´s loaded with American classic cars and a lot of bikes."

Mr. Corner, Sinners Sweden, with some stuff 4-sale.

You don´t find this shifter in the CCI catalog...Some took a bike ride to the swap, the winter is near...
Sweden is fantastic! -'32 Roadster and a red timber barn. Two classics!
I could live with this one....

Sala Speedshop's shop car.

September 29, 2008

Submitted By Noot

Submitted By Steve Skorupa

El Camino Swap

Greg's winter project

More from Sweden

Submitted by Janne Lindström of Blotsvens MC in Strängnäs, Sweden:

Inge, tattooist and guitar hero. Hell Billy Boys.
Henning, Scandinavian style.
Late at night at Yrsel MC in Borlänge, Sweden.
And our friend Mr. Corner. We did a little photo shoot last Sunday.

More coming from Janne Lindström, some coverage of the Mooneyes Sweden Swap.


A must have! Check it out here!


Hank sends these of the first Sweden Moon Swap Meet..A fine mix of hot rod and bike parts.


September 28, 2008

Escape to Los Angeles

Yup, it's Off Topic Sunday. I rarely go north of the South Bay area of Los Angeles County. I'm usually too busy with work or life in general I guess. I dig going to the city of L.A though. This time we went up there to go check out a few things, look at some old cabinets for all my motorcycle magazines and books. Yup, that's smog covering downtown L.A.:

After a day of checking out a bunch of little spots around the city, we ended up near Chinatown. I was pretty stoked, cause it meant we were going to one of my favorite restaurants there. I dig this place because its got my favorite dumpling, which is kinda like a soup dumpling.

This place always has a line.
We started with the standard Won Ton Soup.
This is the dumpling I dig. It's got this really soupy pork in it. You gotta watch out, it might give you a tongue-burning surprise.
Beef Chow Fun. A little greasy here and not their best dish, but its good. One of the highlights of this field trip was that Trevelen had some mix CD's made for me courtesy of Cypress Hill's B-Real and DJ Muggs. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.
Trev's in a killer neighborhood near Little Tokyo. Bunch of cool old buildings and art. We got to hang out with him for a bit talk story.
He's a busy man working way into the night but this former Kahuku High School Red Raiders alumni always takes the time out for his favorite guy from Wahiawa, Hawaii! Thanks Trev!
Submitted By Steve Skorupa