November 28, 2012

1 - Don't create back-up plans
Back-up plans can help you sleep easier at night. Back-up plans can also create an easy out when  times get tough.

2 - Do the work
Scratch the surface of any person with rare skills and you'll find a person who has put thousands of hours of effort into developing those skills. The 10,000 hours principle.

3 - Work a lot more
If you don't embrace a workload others would consider crazy then your goal doesn't mean that much to you.

4 -  Avoid the crowds
Joining the crowd--no matter how trendy the crowd or "hot" the opportunity--is a recipe for mediocrity. (Be yourself!!!)

5 -  Start at the end
Decide what you really want: to be the best, the fastest, the cheapest, the biggest, whatever. Aim for the ultimate. Decide where you want to end up. That is your goal.

Talented Mo Fo!
Nicke also has Rigid Hips

November 22, 2012


Charlie and I did an edition of ashtrays. Hand painted and fired individually. Get it