February 29, 2012

France, near the German border

Mulhouse's Carnival

This photos crazy!
Holy shit! Thanks Vin!
" My angry bumblebee. My 1983 yz490 totally restored. Made 60 HP real wheel during a Dyno. Extensive headword and cylinder work from Ron Hamp. Now resides in Maine with a very happy.40 year old that kills new bikes. "

Sent in from Mr Workman
"Story is... I got a call from a local wildlife rescue facility to take care of a wounded or sick deer, get these calls often on our island...  Anyways, just had my bike at home at the time so off I went...  Pistol in waist band and German WWII skull cap on... The bike is murdered out pretty good so I wasn't what the locals expected when I rolled up.  Thought better of capping bambi and was able to come up slow and resolve the issue without undo trauma to the little guy (pain I mean) the trauma is obvious.  To keep the property owner from geeking due to the severed head, I plopped said deer on the back of the bike and rode off.  The tourists saw the aftermath at every country stop sign and the looks were priceless...."

Sent to use from Mr.Rogers. 


February 28, 2012

We set up shop in 1997 with only about 30 skaters, 15 years later we’ve helped push skateboarding, music, and graff into full blown subcultures here in Guatemala. Shits been crazy, hope you enjoy.

My thinking was that if you ordered the brake and the wheel from the same place, well, they would match up (considering they claimed to make both parts). Completely dont understand why someone would want a sum of money once, rather then a repeat customer.

My friend Kris is selling his Shovel.
email him for more info - stoph16@hotmail dot com