December 30, 2007

Submitted by Mike Ledger and Nos. This one from the late 80's or maybe early 90's in Hawaii. I actually remember going to this show.

Submitted by Corner, Sweden: the first ones is on a Sinner friend Mats that hit a left turning car last summer that nearly killed him, and his knuckle that he hit the car with.

December 25, 2007

A law changes last year, and, in Tokyo, every place is no parking area on the motorcycle.

We can park a motorcycle nowhere anymore until now.

Because the reason is because it is cut an expensive parking fine and ticket.

It is difficult to get on a motorcycle routinely now. I go to work by bicycle now.

beautiful Piste

December 24, 2007

Submitted by Josh Mills - "Dane's Christmas present. Just got it back from Bill who did the striping and lettering. For those who didn't see the progress pics, I made some headers, lowered the front end and lengthened the wheelbase, added a dash and hand fuel pump, sealed bearings etc. I think Von will try to pawn his tricycle off on Dane for the pedal car." You can contact him here:

A absolutely beautiful Pontiac painted by the Harpoon. Photos were took by
Happy Holiday's Hawaiian Fucker.
Noah at Dustin's x-mass party...12/23/2007 at 5.30 am.

December 23, 2007