July 30, 2009



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I remember this show every well. It was the first of many times I've seen The Bad Seeds. They were getting boo'd so Nick pulled everyone off stage. He came back with a stool and Mick Harvey and they did In The Ghetto acoustically. I've been a fan ever since!
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July 29, 2009

hey dude

Russell Collins is nice guy, I like hanging out with him. We've both been busy the last few years (especially Russell!) so we don't get to hang out quite like we used to.

Recently I found out that he got a Dyna that he hopped-up a bit. I saw it for the first time at our 4th of July Liberty Shindig. Then just the other day I got an email from him with this photo; him messing around the neighborhood, popping wheelies:
July 2005, The Horse #51: I shot Russell and his panhead and had ChopperDave co-write the article with me. I lived right next to a nature reserve in Costa Mesa, CA where I finally saw my first real life coyote, racoon and skunk (there are no mammals like that in Hawaii). This is where I shot this feature.
I miss living next to the nature reserve but I kinda miss Russell's panhead too. I dug it. Chica and I raked and stretched this frame. I remember sitting at the lathe for a while making slugs for it. Russell handled the rest of re-assembly.
He was one of the few friends I had that was running a Linkert, which got me even more interested in them old carbs.
It's only been 4 years since this issue hit the stands. So much has happened since then, feels like a lot longer than that.

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Last summer with Brawny, Chris and JC