August 29, 2012


Bob Franko reports on last weeks Moto GP at Indianapolis
Thanks Bob!

Petri Ruusunen´s bike. He is a goldsmith from Finland.
Chopper Daves bike is on Ebay....Get it here!

Thought you might like some pics of me n my friend's fxr's
Thanks John P. 

East Coast

Jim with the Dusters, catching and riding.
Thanks J!


Trond Jorgen's Boat Tail

High Five

Here's a hi five of what I wish stock was. 96", six speed, stripped of silliness, Thunderheader, intake, skinny.
The bars and pegs are the same width. Tank bag and roll bag are for my guns/ammo/lunch and the 100 mile daily roundtrip. Averaging about 15,000 mi a year.
Kyle Defoor