May 30, 2008

New Cuyama, CA

Last Monday I took the long way home and rode through New Cuyama.

Super Fun!


Here's Eric Webb with some Irish cigarettes he had when I visited him last week. Nice warning label:

Syndicate Barber Shop would like to let you know they got the shit back in stock and its been selling like crack:
Water soluble hair grease. It'll wash out with hot water. Use Murray's or whatever and your chick will eventually get pissed off at you for leaving messy grease stains everywhere in the pad... pillow cases, couch, etc. Give Eric a visit and buy a can of the shit.


2749 E Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90803

Tagged San Luis Obispo Style!

Submitted by Anthony Robinson:

Magneto Fired Apple Parer

A couple weeks back my son and I went to a fly-in at a grass strip up here outside of Seattle. The event was great, with a ton of vintage planes buzzing in and out, and lots of old cars, trucks, and vintage bikes in attendance. What really caught our eyes though and entertained us for a while was a guy with a collection of restored hit/miss motors, most of which were originally used on local farms in the early 1900's. He kept each motor running and ran around them with a giant oil can and screwdriver keeping them all in perfect tune.

The one in the pictures here is a magneto fired semi-automatic apple feeder and peeler. You put a paring knife in the arm, set up a gravity feed chute for your apples and a bucket underneath, and it does its thing.

He said the manufacturer sold quite a few of them, but they never gained the popularity they should have due to their ability to peel knuckles when jammed, as well as apples.
Jeff's Church of Choppers 1976 S&S Shovel.
Fatty's Church of Choppers 1976 Sportster.

May 29, 2008

I ride the piss out of this thing.

I gave my dad his bike last weekend, up in San Luis Obispo. He rode it around and I noticed there was a shit load of oil coming out of the primary (the later 650 cases breathe into the primary). I looked in the oil tank and realize the bike was wet sumping.
So I pull the drain plug and strain the oil back into the tank, hoping I could get the ball bearing in the oil pump to re-seat itself. We get 90% of the oil back into the tank and my friend, Tom, says "what the fuck is that"?!

I giant blob of hair, twigs & what not had come out with the oil! All I can figure is the guy I bought the bottom end from (who shall go nameless) let it sit on the shelf for sometime and some small woodland creature made a home in it! Silly me didn't even check for a rodent condo before I put the barrel and pistons on it. (No the rock wasn't in there too!)

Submitted by Howard Kelly, S&S Cycle:
This is S&S Cycle's streamliner, Tenacious. It went 276.51 mph in 1986. It's a single engine. A number of records were set with it. Piloted by Dan Kinsey, he's still an S&S employee. This will be on display at the Viola location so if you're at the 50th Anniversary event, take a tour and check it out.
Submitted by Sasha:
Spotted on the gridlocked freeway headed towards L.A early this morning.

May 28, 2008


My Favorite Thing From The Santa Maria Show

George Barris & Gary

This Saturday in Costa Mesa, CA:

Memorial Day Weekend

Some friends and I rode up to San Luis Obispo. Got in a little rain going over the San Marcos Pass. Other than that is was a nice ride

Went to the show in Santa Maria on Saturday. It's not like it was when it was in Paso. I felt like I was back at Seaside Park in Ventura.

I did spot a couple of cool Triumphs. Bummer they were in the back of trucks.

On the way back to San Luis Obispo we stopped a Alex's Bar-B-Q. Alex's is right off the 101 in Pismo Beach. It's a good place to stop for a burger, a beer and a game of pool.
Check out this gem of a photo:

Courtesy of Tim Wallingford and the Randy Smith Collection.