January 27, 2015

Saint vs No Future Krew - Tokyo Soul

We are working on a new Motorcycle Apparel Label called Saint – single layer, all day wearable, impact abrasion resistant, tough, clothing. Dropping through April and May 2015. We decided an early Saint Tokyo preview and night ride on the same weekend of the Mooneyes show would be fun.

Co-contributing to one of the original motorcycle blogs – Church of Choppers. I first met Hideku Usui aka Moto of No Future Krew in the summer of ’07. A photographer, motorcycle rider, bicycle builder and owner of CPW (A skate and bike shop about 6k’s out of the Tokyo centre) – Moto’s images of what was happening on the Tokyo Underground – blew my senses on what riding a motorcycle could be about. In ’09 we decided to go on a world tour together. 13 countries and 3 weeks later we were very well friends.

Our first night ride together from Tokyo to Nagoya in ‘10 expanded my mind. Riding 1980’s Japanese superbikes while shooting photos from the hip, we did the 400km ride in 2.5hrs. Eyes wide opened!

Japan is different – the most underground people are always polite – genuine – warm – generous.

After a day of talking and showing off Saint that topped out at 4 degrees - 7pm rolled around and we had 50 bikes and 12 stance cars ready to hit the express-way for our night ride to the beach.

Rolling out of the local servo, new bikes, old bikes, Iron-Heads, Pan-Heads, Shovels, Japanese Super Bikes, BSA’s, Triumphs, XS650’s, Honda Shuttles, Civics and VW’s hit the express way at FULL NOISE. The few Aussies that hitched rides (and a few of the Japan crew even) hearts stopped. Organised chaos, we split lanes, we race, we ride. On my GS1200SS I’m winding out past 140 (k's) and a Volkswagon goes past me like I’m standing still. WTF?

Real bikes, real cars, ridden and driven to the edge – this is what it is all about. We rode fast, we rode free and flying we slide into the a side station 50k’s down the road – laughing like children we tell war stories of near misses, fast passes and heroic deeds, we jack cars up, fix exhausts, tighten loose parts – and then head out again. 300k’s and a few hours pass and we are back in Tokyo. Sated. Fun was had.

From the New Tank Moto , Number 6 - their biggest issue ever - Launching next Friday 6th February at RUPERT - 73 Rupert Street, Collingwood from 5.30pm/// Be there if you're in Melbourne! Follow

January 25, 2015

Thomson Metal Breaking

Dave is pounding out my tank for the Born Free 7 bike.
Follow his incredible work on Instagram - Thomson Metal Breaking

My good friend needs a transplant

she is in dire need of a new powerplant; an early '70's 302ci that will bolt directly to a C4

i'm looking for a new engine or a carbureted G20 or G30, colorado and southern WY only
email: stabbin cabin charity fund

January 21, 2015

Juha Kallio

FTWCo Racer Juha Kallio is releasing a series of videos.
Press Release - 
Starting from August 1st, the film about a Finnish road racer Juha Kallio's way to the Isle of Man TT, will be available at fastoftheforestmovie.com anywhere in the world! You can also find extra footage, such as deleted scenes there. The subtitles include Finnish, English, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian and Italian. Those of you who will buy it within the first week, will get it cheaper, and will be included in a competition where one of you will win an A2 size poster of the film including autographs from the main characters as well as the director and a one of a kind Juha Kallio 171 club jacket with Juha's autograph in whatever size fits you.

Elokuun 1. päivästä alkaen, elokuva on saatavilla osoitteessa fastoftheforestmovie.com maailmanlaajuisesti! Sivustolle tulee myös ekstramateriaalia, kuten ennen näkemättömiä kohtauksia elokuvasta. Tekstitykset saatavilla suomeksi, englanniksi, ranskaksi, saksaksi, espanjaksi, unkariksi ja italiaksi. Ensimmäisen viikon aikana ostaneet saavat elokuvan halvemmalla, ja osallistuvat mukaan kilpailuun, jossa arvomme yhden A2 kokoisen elokuvan julisteen elokuvan päätähtien ja ohjaajan nimikirjoituksilla. Lisäksi mukaan lähtee ainutkertainen Juha Kallio club 171 takki Juhan nimikirjoituksella, sinulle sopivassa koossa.
We got an Interceptor