August 30, 2019

victory lap

step one: get a bike out of storage
step two: ride it
Breck, Salida, Gunni, Ouray, Silverton, Grand G, Rifle, Leadville over a few days

no way i could go this far west on the 70 without seeing Travis' new digs
saying that it's good to be home are not the right words
saying it was nice to rally with a few other vets doesn't cover it either

and this isn't BookFace so i'll keep it short,
this shit thats seen over there will leave a mark and i'd do it again in a heartbeat
if you've been there then you get it
if you haven't, be patient with those that have

August 11, 2019

MSS -omit-
no power, no plumbing 
plenty of effective, direct and indirect
5 stars on yelp