May 29, 2015

CoC's new digs

quest for sunshine; day 2, other half

i'm packing SCUBA gear next time. 
AND, i shit you not but of course my camera was packed away, 
there was a dude on a bike wearing a surplus gas-mask pulling away as i was stopping

 this shit makes me happy, a smoked tired but no fucks given. we rode up to Leadville when the weather broke
 a basic rule of physics states that two whatevers cannot occupy the same place at the same time; this directly applies to two cement-heads pulling into the same fuel-pump
 my busted coil and peg were not what forced me hitch hike the last 50-ish miles
 getting loaded into the van for a snowy drive home was the result of an absent clutch perch
total miles 430, not counting those accrued behind a steering wheel
the trip was cold and wet, got harassed by the cops for guerilla camping, broke some gear and was hungry the whole time. But it was still a damn fine trip and better than going to work.

May 28, 2015

quest for sunshine; day 2, first half

 sometimes i really think motorcycle enthusiasts are merely touring laundromats, maybe its just me
 when used within combat boots, they become "tactical" shopping bags

day two miles: 260

May 26, 2015

New York

quest for sunshine; day 1

the soggy misery surrounding the Colorado high country was too much too much
but it was snowing, so call the chopper-police cause bark-busters happened
 worst and best shit ever
 fuck selfies and fuck snow

170 frozen miles

May 21, 2015



RIDE TO FISH | June 6th.

Minnesota is all about that city meets the sticks vibe and pretty much everyone in MN likes to fish. Now I know the concept will be a bit hard to understand but it goes something like this. First we ride... then we fish. If you like those two things, than this little weekend might be for you. Here are more of the details.

Question: Who's invited?
Answer: Anyone who's down to ride and fish.

Question: How much does it cost?
Answer: Zero Dollars

Question: Do you guys have sponsors?
Answer: Fuck No! This ride is great because it's NOT about that stank.

Question: Is there camping?
Answer: Yup - but don't expect a camp ground. We usually find a spot to camp as we go.

Question: If I'm from out of state and I need a place to crash the day before or after, what do I do?
Answer: Email We've got plenty of FREE basement space for you to crash.

Question: Are people really coming form out of state just to ride and fish?
Answer: You betcha - We've got great bikes, great lakes, great roads, awesome weather and fantastic camping.

Question: I'm still not sold on this ride to fish thing. Why should I go.
Answer: I've already mentioned the roads, lakes, fishing, camping, weather, bikes and zero dollars. The best part of the trip is that riding out here means you're riding with stand up dudes. Everyone is helpful, some are handy and some are just plain hilarious. I'm honestly still trying to figure out why someone wouldn't go.

Ride to Fish - Cause skateboarding is a young mans game.