May 29, 2015

quest for sunshine; day 2, other half

i'm packing SCUBA gear next time. 
AND, i shit you not but of course my camera was packed away, 
there was a dude on a bike wearing a surplus gas-mask pulling away as i was stopping

 this shit makes me happy, a smoked tired but no fucks given. we rode up to Leadville when the weather broke
 a basic rule of physics states that two whatevers cannot occupy the same place at the same time; this directly applies to two cement-heads pulling into the same fuel-pump
 my busted coil and peg were not what forced me hitch hike the last 50-ish miles
 getting loaded into the van for a snowy drive home was the result of an absent clutch perch
total miles 430, not counting those accrued behind a steering wheel
the trip was cold and wet, got harassed by the cops for guerilla camping, broke some gear and was hungry the whole time. But it was still a damn fine trip and better than going to work.

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