March 31, 2010

Masa and Thunderbird

Always thank you

Pangea Speed

Spot on. 
Im sure we will see some very neat things from these guys.

Thank you very much!


Hi Jeff! The pictures i send you of my 2010 Dyna FXDC , now comes the rest of the story. The Bike haves 0 miles on it and I get the bike in January 2010 and tuck the stock 96" engine out and relapsed it with a new 131" Jims Engine, put a 62mm manifold from Horsepower Inc. on it. Of course I need a 10 row Jag oil cooler for the beast. The EFI is controlled by a Thundermax ECM with bigger injectors. The handlebar is from a early Sportster. In the next months Im going to chance the rear shocks to öhlins and ad a öhlins stearing damper. In the front Im gonna update to TOW brakes. (in the Switzerland area not a lot of straight streets!) The exhaust is fabricated by RB Racing, its a 2 in 1 Black Hole 2" primary headers , (Thanks Bob from RB Racing!) I hope you like it! Thanks !!! Jack from True45 Speed Shop, Bern Switzerland.
Charlie Dillon's Brad built 750


This my girl friend Nikki's dad.... in the early 70's his name is John Sprague, he's also
a very known name in the off-road series. still races today Class 10. does really well.

Stuck, Tokyo

Submitted by Shin Suzuki


Traffic jam caused by this rail crossing every morning. Sometimes up to 15 minutes. The other rail crossings both side opens often. I'm like what the fuck every time.


Hate this season; its when school and new employees start.


March 30, 2010


Here some new photos. We brought the bike unfinished into the AMD European Custom bike building Championship this weekend in Germany, and to our surprise got the 9th place . I look so much forward to get this baby on the strip. Paul Funk

I have a new batch of belts and these bitchin Tom Fugle Belt Buckles. I will have these in the store late Wednesday night.


N.Bowdens artifacts.

For Sale

Nascar Bob sends this bike from the Long Beach Swap Meet.
John Webb's bike
 John Webb's breakfast

March 29, 2010

Santa Fe Importers - Long Beach, CA

It was a good turn out on Saturday.
Lots of neat stuff to look at and some new faces too.
I didn't know that Chris from Redtail Leather had already finished this bike:
There was a nice mix of bikes.
As you know, the sandwiches are exceptionally good here. Jose had the Combination. Dan Collins came all the way from Ventura and thought the Roast Beef was really good.
Busy inside and out. Lots to eat and lots to talk about.
Some neat Sportsters too. In fact, Dan's had quite a purpose:
Barry from Top Shelf brought a really neat one too (and I forgot to get a good shot of that Rivi in the background):
Good times; really chill.
T-Rod was on his way to Perris Raceway right after lunch.
This one had a lot of neat stuff to look at:
I really liked this shovel.
Oh, Jeff, we found Brett. He made it all the way to Burbank, CA:
See you next time, everybody.
Thanks for coming!