March 31, 2010


Hi Jeff! The pictures i send you of my 2010 Dyna FXDC , now comes the rest of the story. The Bike haves 0 miles on it and I get the bike in January 2010 and tuck the stock 96" engine out and relapsed it with a new 131" Jims Engine, put a 62mm manifold from Horsepower Inc. on it. Of course I need a 10 row Jag oil cooler for the beast. The EFI is controlled by a Thundermax ECM with bigger injectors. The handlebar is from a early Sportster. In the next months Im going to chance the rear shocks to öhlins and ad a öhlins stearing damper. In the front Im gonna update to TOW brakes. (in the Switzerland area not a lot of straight streets!) The exhaust is fabricated by RB Racing, its a 2 in 1 Black Hole 2" primary headers , (Thanks Bob from RB Racing!) I hope you like it! Thanks !!! Jack from True45 Speed Shop, Bern Switzerland.

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