March 29, 2010

Santa Fe Importers - Long Beach, CA

It was a good turn out on Saturday.
Lots of neat stuff to look at and some new faces too.
I didn't know that Chris from Redtail Leather had already finished this bike:
There was a nice mix of bikes.
As you know, the sandwiches are exceptionally good here. Jose had the Combination. Dan Collins came all the way from Ventura and thought the Roast Beef was really good.
Busy inside and out. Lots to eat and lots to talk about.
Some neat Sportsters too. In fact, Dan's had quite a purpose:
Barry from Top Shelf brought a really neat one too (and I forgot to get a good shot of that Rivi in the background):
Good times; really chill.
T-Rod was on his way to Perris Raceway right after lunch.
This one had a lot of neat stuff to look at:
I really liked this shovel.
Oh, Jeff, we found Brett. He made it all the way to Burbank, CA:
See you next time, everybody.
Thanks for coming!

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CHVRCH said...

It never stops amazing me that every photo you take has nothing but beautiful blue sky...Im so jealous and hungry.