November 21, 2012

Poster Art of the Year


goosegreen_63 said...

Its called "Kustom Kulture Forever" now ,cos it,s at Zeche Ewald". Which sucks cos it,s an old mineing area which is easy to control from the cop,s near the (autobahn)motorway.All concrete park places and no 1/4 mile races anymore.

OldStuffsFuckinMental said...

You have to admit that the 1/4 mile was pathetic the last few years! 5 cars and 10 bikes, not worth the hassle!
The area itself is great, the Mopar Nationals are hosted there for years and I don't know of any shit with the cops there.
Should it rain, like the last 2 years, there will be no walking over wet and muddy grass, which is great.

I myself is looking forward to it, hope we have a beer over there next year Jeff, at last!

CHVRCH said...

Im looking forward to it also. Cheers, and see you in 13.