May 27, 2014


I'm working on a new thing called 'Saint' - Motorcycle protective clothing.

It has been said the world does not need more clothing brands; it needs less. So, as a designer my challenge - everyday - is to create objects worth creating. Saint is about designing motorcycle apparel that is always about protection... that lasts, that moves. We are developing new ways to construct, new ways to protect. Working with fabrics and construction techniques that innovate on a bedrock of what has gone before (for we all have a heritage) and utilizing military, ballistic and industrial technology's.

As part of this journey we have become experts on what happens when things go random. First hand, scientifically and ...yer... a bit of youtube... - Came across R Nickey Mouse's Channel a while ago and I can't stop watching everything that goes wrong on ONE corner on Mulholland Drive.


Davidabl said...

Great idea… Since lower body protection is almost universally ignored even though lower body injuries are the most common, i'd suggest that you address lower body protection first. something like street pants/overpants/overalls compatible with mx knee and shin protectors and wide enough at the cuffs to accept any type of boots. Or perhaps chaps WITH an
ass instead of assless?

Davidabl said...

The rnickeymouse tapes confirm the above..the guys with major lower body protection waked away from
almost everything..even if their bikes DIDN'T.

Since that's Mulholland above the RockStore, I think I'll ride it during the week not on the weekend…even if it means that I never get to meet Jay Leno

WhitelinePsycho said...

Mr Mouse's devotion to the get-off at that one spot is to be applauded . . . as is the Saint operation, bravo mate.

MP said...

It's astounding, isn't it? These people obviously couldn't handle a bicycle, much less a motorcycle. Most of them aren't even going fast and yet have no control. Or maybe they do have control, since they can make motorcycles do things I would have thought impossible. Motorcycle are actually very stable. They are engineered to stay on their two tires. Hell, I glanced off a cow once, at night at highway speed and didn't fall down! (black cow, oncoming bright lights...) How did these guys manage to make it around the cones during their motorcycle endorsement test? On the other hand, I've heard most of these crotch rocket riders don't have motorcycle endorsements. Looks like that's the truth.