May 30, 2008

Submitted by Anthony Robinson:

Magneto Fired Apple Parer

A couple weeks back my son and I went to a fly-in at a grass strip up here outside of Seattle. The event was great, with a ton of vintage planes buzzing in and out, and lots of old cars, trucks, and vintage bikes in attendance. What really caught our eyes though and entertained us for a while was a guy with a collection of restored hit/miss motors, most of which were originally used on local farms in the early 1900's. He kept each motor running and ran around them with a giant oil can and screwdriver keeping them all in perfect tune.

The one in the pictures here is a magneto fired semi-automatic apple feeder and peeler. You put a paring knife in the arm, set up a gravity feed chute for your apples and a bucket underneath, and it does its thing.

He said the manufacturer sold quite a few of them, but they never gained the popularity they should have due to their ability to peel knuckles when jammed, as well as apples.

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