June 20, 2008

The First Bike I Ever Rode

YZ 80


Anonymous said...

Those little suckers are fast . . .
I always wanted one - but, about the time the folks would go to buy one - some kid would get killed - there'd go that plan . . . finally I just snuck a cycle home like a lotta kids . . . best times o' your life

LUCKY said...

I had a 80 but it was older it was a gt80 me and my brother cut are teeth on and destroyed!!!

Unknown said...

I rocked a 1980 YZ 80 for many years.. The 80/80 rules.


I had one too.
I also had the gray one the year before.
I had three in a row.
had a 72 MX80 before those.
what is this, history leason day?