June 23, 2008

Submitted by The Hater:

my garbage man stopped one day on his route when he saw my bikes in the garage
and invited me to a multi-black-club bbq at the park.

these were the only bikes interesting enough to me to take pics of out
of about 50 bikes.


Anonymous said...

the kaws are sweet

Nads said...

Hater, I hung with the blacks one year in Daytona, I had a blast, those fuckers wear the raddest colors and the DJ was playing obscure hard funk. They all drink likker. One little white dude that was with us didn't want to go inside the club, I said you're embarrassing us man. He finally went in and a ball.
What a great time it was.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I didn't notice until just now; the fucked up rear brake anchor rods.

I'll have to tell the garbage man to pass the word along that 3/8" rod will bend in half a lot easier than it'll pull apart...

Anonymous said...

Ive found that no matter where you go the darkies love pseudo dragbikes/extended swing arms.