July 15, 2008

Chris Kruse writes;
"A brother of ours here in Cedar Rapids passed away on Monday morning after a car accident Sunday night. The guys name is Hank Bertka, you may even know him, he owns Hardcore Tattoo here in CR. Maybe you've heard about the accident already, and maybe you even know Hank better than I know. This guy was true 'ruler'. Started Hardcore in 1995 and built it into hands down THE BEST tattoo shop in town. Taking on Josh Fields, little Ricky doing piercing, then my buddy Russ, and just added a forth tattooist earlier this year shortly after opening a brand new shop that he poured his heart and soul into. All the while building a couple ground up shovels,and helping Russ (shovel) and Rick(evo I think) build their bikes. Doing a few killer paint jobs on a few bikes here and there, pinstriping, airbrushing, oh and doing some of the most bitchinest tattoos around!!!!"

"Hardcore was my favorite place to go and just hang out here in town and every time I stopped by there Hank and Russ and I used to talk about what we saw recently on the COC and LFR. We were all true fans of everything that you and your 'band of brothers' are into and everything you do. Everybody has lost a true mentor and friend. I just thought maybe it would be kool to see a pic and a little something on the COC remembering our brother."


RIP 'Hardcore Hank'

Last day on earth July 14th 2008


Anonymous said...

Thanks man!!!!!!! That means a fucking ton to me

Anonymous said...

RIP my friend, see you on the other side- tiny G

Chopperdave said...

Sorry about your loss, it sounds like it's everybody's loss.

RIP Hank.


Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace, Hank.

Also, Rest In Peace, Timothy "Pork" Ford. 22 years together - ridin', partyin', shootin'..... livin' the life. Last day on earth 7.12.08. Washington, MO.

- Spuddley

Nads said...

Sad, remember your friend in the warmest of lights.