July 6, 2008

Sinners 4th of July "Liberty Shindig" had, for the most part, been held on the day before or after our actual Independence Day. Guess it's kinda been a tradition that way now, at least for the last 4 or 5 of them.

Turn out was great. It's really refreshing to see so much home-built cars and motorcycles show up for our little deal. Personally, I really like just sitting around with friends and talking. For many it's that one time of the year we get to see each other and catch up.
That's Summer and T-Bone below:
Funny how I had caught this shot! The British were back to try and reclaim shit! But we were like "hell no, dog! It's our Liberty Shindig and we'll fucking fight for independence one more time! FUCK!" Then we realized it was just Matt and Dean from DicE and they just wanted to hang out too:
Tim Hendricks (people think his last name is like Jimmy's with an X but its not). I only get to see him about once a year, unless I run into him somewhere. I like Tim because he always seems to kinda just teleport and appear at places. I never see him show up or leave. Kinda like the green martian guy on the Flintstones but with a lot more flair and with a waaay better hat:
Bikes! Home built motorcycles are great to look at. I hate using flash but it was night time and I had to do it. It was a little hectic earlier, so I didn't have time to take any photos in the daylight... so these'll have to do, holmes.
It's a trip to see bikes show up and ridden to our deal that I had never seen before. Especially bikes from outta state. Sometimes even outta the country. Most of the time just across the county line.

This Pan/Shovel below belongs to Brian Wilson, which was the ChopperDave's Casting Company pick. I dig it, very tastefully done. Not overly trinketted-out, nice stretch and rake. Chopper!:
Flash. I'm an auto-focus, auto everything kinda guy. I just point and shoot:

Starting to see more and more 4-speed swing arm bikes done up tight-n-right:
We seen this class act on the freeway later. Hope we didn't blind you with the flash, that was CantStayJose's fault. They were up the 605N somewhere.
hi Nate:
Danny G was a big help, spinning nice tunes for everyone to enjoy. I asked him to only play The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen but Dustin wasn't having any of that. Can't blame him, it's practically his deal every year.
Irish Rich is like a Ghost Coyote. He just kinda warps time, makes the everything melt and blend together when he strolls in... well, not really. I guess I'm just trippin'. He's cool as hell and the young ladies sure dig him. Keep him on a leash, Laura!
Dave (ex), Mark (ex) and Chris (still going strong!). That was an inside joke for some of us:
Kenny from Moreland Choppers and Panhead Mike from San Diego. Wish I had more time to hang out with these guys, really dig talking to them:
Winner of the Church Of Choppers pick for the party. Mike Olson's Panhead. Six Bend Bars, Tin Top mill, and the long springer makes it feel like you're eeeeeaaaazing into it:
Mike's the guy with the "tall ironhead with the swazi top motor mount". Nice guy, good taste in bikes:
There's Eric Webb, watching Jun from PM/RSD kickstart his bike. And Jun! Another person that I wanted to spend more time with (congrats Jun and Seiko!):
Yes, that blond was getting ready to split on her Jap-powered rigid.
A few of the original members of our brotherhood: Rico, Mariano, Jose, Big Vince, Jimmy and Matt. A while ago now, Denver Dan was sitting in his garage with the idea that he'd like to identify his best friends with the same t-shirt. That idea had come a long way. The common bond we have goes beyond the lowriders, hotrods, or motorcycles. Friendship comes first. I know it might seem like we hang around and talk about gearhead type shit all day, but we rarely do. Its birthday parties and baby showers for the Sinners SoCal. And then whatever comes after that:

Blown up transmission. Sorry about the misfortune, but we appreciate you trying to ride out for our deal! The story I got was that this tranny locked up going 90mph:
Poor guy. I heard he also hurt his ankle. Didn't put 2-and-2 together until later; heard the whole story after the fact. I seen a guy with a sore foot/ankle and I should've known it was him:
He had a nail in his sidewall too. Bummer:
Tune in tomorrow for more photos of the party, courtesy of Toru:


Anonymous said...

Killer story and photos!

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Anonymous said...

im gessn the ex on that pic wit dave has something to do with the devils lettuce

Nelson said...

colt: nah, ex = ex-West Coast Choppers employees.

Anonymous said...

So the great Denver Dan which I had not seen in 15yrs. takes me to this party and it ruled with bikes and super nice people.

Thamks for the good times

frankfromberdoo said...

excellent party....frankfromberdoo