August 5, 2008

Håkan "Hank" Johansson of MOONEYES SWEDEN submits these.

"Here are some pictures from our Rat Fink Reunion that we just hosted here in Sweden a week ago."


baowah said...

my god that first one, that painfuly beautiful..I saw this motor in Biker Live mag in germany, too

Anonymous said...

Looks like a better show then last years bike wise atleast..

Tyvärr har jag flyttat till Holland, så jag kunde inte i år.

Niels, ex-Svärdsjö

DanielKorn said...

Yeah, props to all the bikes, but the first one is pure awesome... Anymore info on it?

TT said...

First of all thanx I guess! I built that Yamaha for Swedish choppermag MCM some years ago and even though it changed some parts and solutions over the years I think it still holds that basic hotrodin feel!? You can see more of it and some other wierd stuff/people on the just recently opened place: