August 1, 2008

Darrell Huxsol submits a few photos from his family collection:

Just some cool shit from the Huxsol heritage. My uncle is on the drag bike. I'm not exactly sure of the year, he used to own a shop in Plainfield IA...109 cu in top fuel shovel.

The chopper was my dad's bike in '79. 6 inch over girder, Smith Bros and Fetro frame.


Chasity said...

Well I will have to say that our uncle looked great on that Shovel Head. Does your dad still have that same bike??? Hope life is well for you and all in it... C

Anonymous said...

Love the photo's from the Huxsols time box... I do believe there is a video of Mark racing somewhere. That would be cool to post on this site. Chasity

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the pics of the Huxsol time box. I do believe that there is also a video of Mark drag racing somewhere.. Chasity