August 7, 2008

This Is Dieter, He Rules

Shorty after we arrived in Yellowstone we saw 4 flatheads cruising in the other direction!

The next morning we saw the flatheads again as we were crossing The Fishing Bridge (which you can't fish from). Unfortunately, we were unable to pull over in time to check out the bikes. So we're hanging out on the bridge taking some photos and we see this guy on the other side. Both Brawny & I knew he had to be one of the guy on the flatheads. Turns out old Dieter and few friends shipped 5 flatheads from Belgium to San Francisco (along with 23 other bikes, but that's a whole different story) and they were headed to Sturgis. By this time they were down to 4. One of the bikes had a sidecar and wasn't able to pull the grade once they hit the mountains so they met some people that let them stash it in their garage. Not long after that, one of the other engines grenaded. So they went back and did an engine swap with the sidecar bike. I hope Dieter & Co. made it to Sturgis. Someone out there has to know him. If so, please ask him to send his contact info to Jeff or Nelson. I would love to hear from him and Brawny has something I think he'd be interested in.

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