September 30, 2009

Norway 2009 Limp, Gerry and the gals


Unknown said...

nice pics beer.

sad enough that the silver/redflamed softail never made in bigtwin mag.

to me its the best interpertantion of an(relitavley)low budget outlawbike.
isn´d that the same as the one nol build a few eayrs back...the one whit the candyred billetwheels)

whit complinents.

beer said...

Sickbiker. It is not the same. The one you are talking about is built by NOl from DTC. And yeah both bikes are build in the same style and almost the same paintjob. So they look a bit the same in general but are totally different in detail. They are both built on the cheap and are both reliable and good functioning choppers.