January 29, 2010

1947 Midget

So I walk out my front door this morning, and this is parked in front of my house!
My neighbor found his fathers midget racer, restored it and is showing it at The Grand National Roadster Show this weekend in Pomona, Ca.

The last time anyone in his family had seen it was 1960 when it was sold.

Landy Scott raced throughout Wisconsin and neighboring states on the many racetracks around then. He was champ of Wisconsin in '47.

The car had been sold 4 times throughout the years, and fortunately was found in good condition by Dan Scott 3 years ago.

Landy Scott is 91 years old, and is flying out from Wisconsin to join his son and his Studebaker powered midget racer at the Grand National Roadster show this weekend.


Unknown said...


Cedric said...

Still looks like it wants to go fast.

jmeest said...

Not many people can lose their heritage and find a way to buy it back. Awesome.