January 28, 2010


Moose out of Souix City sent this picture to CoC the other day.  I posted it not knowing whos bike it was.  He just called and informed me that this was not only his bike, but the sissy bar is the one off the Grey Cat posters.
He also let me know that the bike in the poster was not Grey Cat's, it was Skip Taylor's of S&S Cycles and the EFMC.  Moose also said that the sissy bar was made by Mike Tracy.  I will be sitting down with the sources soon to get the lowdown on some of these most killer photos that they are sharing with us....Thanks Moose and Tom!


krazy kevin said...

That iron cross on top of the sissy
rail looks very familiar to me. Just like the one on GRAYCAT's
knuckle chopper. I wonder if Moose & Graycat used the same template or
metal shop??

huduguru said...

awesome--great shot!! This makes me remember in more recent years EFMC being at the Sioux Falls spring swap--do they still have a show display like like they used to in the early to mid-80's? It may have been a tribute bike to a club member who had passed---anyhow, great photo of a cool bike-
JW in MN

Brad @ FTWCO said...

Freaking killer....thanks for sharing Moose!

CycleDelicCycles said...

X2....that's a killer chop!!

krazy kevin said...

Thanx's Moose, Tom & you Jeff 4 cleaning out my brain cells. I knew that iron-cross looked like the poster. Didn't know that the bike belonged to Skip thought.