January 27, 2010

This Saturday - Santa Fe Importers! Long Beach, CA

It's that time again. The holidays are long over and rain has cleared up in the southland.
Check out some bikes, talk with friends old and new.
Order some lunch.
Eat the lunch.
And hang out for a spell, just an hour or two.
It's always a good time. No bad vibes, no mad dogging. Drive your truck, bring your hot rod, ride your bike, low-ride and scrape your way over!

Santa Fe Importers

1401 Santa Fe Ave.

Long Beach, CA 90813


As always... NOON SHARP!!!!


LUCIFER said...

See you there

Nelson said...

does South Gate breed metal heads or what? Considering Tom Araya grew up there...

Davecat said...

I'm gonna maddog EVERYone! Some, maybe 2 or 3 times even.

LUCIFER said...

Nelson, Of Course! hahaha. To keep it in the band, not only Tom, also Dave Lombardo (drummer)