June 19, 2011

New Ride

After far too long with back trouble, I'm finally getting my ass back in the saddle!
Went out to check out some bikes yesterday at C&G motorcycles out near Preston. I stopped by my old local shop, Bike & Bits in Guide Bridge on the way for a bit of advice, I've been going here for over 20 years now, an awesome little shop!
They were rebuilding a Kwak Z1300... real thing of beauty and a real tidy example too..
Sweet six!
If these guys don't have what you need in their boxes, then they will damn well make something fit until you can find the right part (or just leave the bodge in place). I can't say enough about these guys, they have bailed me out many a time. Cheers to Glynn & the crew.

On the way there, we found this Centurion tank (Originally built in the area in 1953 during the Korean crisis, and probably one of the best British built tanks)
It took a while to find C&G Motorcycles, but if you're ever looking for them, the head for Preston (from Manchester) until you find the tank, then follow the gun barrel, turn right at the lights & they're behind the bushes on the left before the bridge (no signs).
These guys basically sell bikes out of the back garden, and have been around for some time now. They were really friendly & even had a bit of artwork on show...
After a chat & a test ride, I've put a deposit down on this little beauty to carry me off to Italy in September for the MotoGP, and no doubt be my daily workhorse for many happy years to come...

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