December 28, 2012


 So my bike made it back to Long Beach from Japan. My plan was to take my friends bike out to Cali and bring my bike back. Lucky for me Dan was going to Denver for XMass and said he would bring my bike there. This cut everything in half. Only 20 hours of driving. Perfect. So I left Xmass night and needed to be back by Thursday. Being that Dan had to leave Denver Thursday, this was the only plan that would work for him to get Jose's bike from me to take back to Long Beach.
 It was super depressing leaving Xmas night and I kept asking my self why I just didn't hold off till the weekend so I could at least stay for a night of drinking. I remember thinking, or not thinking, that its just how it was working out. Turn up the stereo, hit the cruse, and turn off the mind. Still it was bothering me that I didn't wait to go over the weekend. Then it dawned on me that I had to get Jose's bike to Dan to take back. Dan was leaving Thursday. All this is coming to play about 2 hours after leaving home.
It was then that I realized I forgot Jose's bike.

My bike so far;
4,000+ Miles in a trailer.
4,100 miles in the back of a truck.
11,000 miles on a boat.
Around 6 miles of riding it.

Jose's bike;
6 months in my shop.
0 miles of riding.

Dave's helemet;
Still in my truck.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Well intentioned undoubtedly . . . I hope my closest buddies still forgive me of the same kind of consistent fuck ups . . . wrestling with your own demons, annoying. Nice shots btw.

La Zone Noire said...

lova pics & texts

Jason said...

Fuckin' ouch.

Boonie said...


cantstayjose said...

Jeff you've been such a good friend and brother I'm glad your back home with your family that's all that matters to me. Love jose

Noot said...

More drinking Less thinking Less drinking More thinking Right now I'm thinking Jose is cool.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant !! You couldn't make that up bro...classic