May 26, 2013

Juha Kallio

Hello CoC and FTW Co.
 In the beginning I had to change teams, just weeks before the IOMTT.  My new team is Ice Valley Racing owned by Paul Shoesmith.  I'm doing only lightweight this year, but now I'm here and yesterday I did my first laps on the course. Feeling after the first lap was confusing because you can never imagine what its like before you have done it. Its so fuck'in fast and bumpy that its hard to describe.  Next session is on Tuesday and you can check it from Livetiming, my number is 63.
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Juha Kallio



Happy Racing Juha

Rene EFE said...

Awesome. Good luck this week in practice. I'll be over next saturday. Can't wait

ed said...

will call by next week when I am over there,

buffalobisonhead said...

I was looking for Juha at the NW200 last week, good to see he has turned up on the Island. Best Wishes