October 8, 2013

Im not encased in metal

And I do not watch TV

I like my motorcycle

Because it helps me to feel free

The highways and byways are overrun

With Acura gangster clones

And soccer moms in S.U.V.s

Who are talking on the phone

Fuck the world!

Forever two wheels!

To all the crazy drivers

whipping in and out of lanes

start using your turn signals

or suck my lock and chain

Your cars all over the road

Youve got alcohol on your breath

It gets me homicidal

Because for me its life and death

Fuck the world!

Forever two wheels!

You drive like a simp

And you think youre a pimp

In your climate controlled cage

Ive got hostile envy and it sets me in a rage

Youd better hope I dont survive

If you get me in a crash
Cuz Im looking to kill you

And they call me scooter trash

Fuck the world!

Forever two wheels!


WhitelinePsycho said...

Fucking perfect !!

boxcar designworks said...

The best South Bay band in a long long time...